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Welcome to Envirnotech Quality Research

This is the official Website of Envirnotech Quality Research (EQR)

Envirnotech Quality Research (a.k.a EQR) is leading producer of Reference Materials and Analytical Grade Laboratory Reagents for last 10 years in India. The goods produced by EQR are used for calibration of laboratory equipment and for testing of water, soil and other such substances.

It is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2004 certified organization for Quality & Environmental Management system.

Experience & Technology

EQR has a team of experienced working professionals who have been working in the field for over 30 years. It uses the finest equipment available in the market, latest and most efficient infrastructure and cutting-edge technology.  It’s standards are compatible with SRM and other international standards, best suited for Indian environment, to fulfill the need of regulatory and statutory bodies.

Modern Equipment

Calibrated For Accuracy & Precision

Working Hours

MONDAY 09:00-18:00
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The Promise of Quality

World-Class equipment, accessories and chemicals of highest quality are used in the preparation of the best quality standards and reagents as per the BIS and standard methods, best suited in Indian Environment.

These standards and reagents are compatible with the requirements of regulatory and statutory bodies.

Our Specialization

Water & Waste-Water Monitoring System

With team of experts having 30+ years of experience in field of Water Quality Management; we provide best quality calibration standards and solutions which are compatible  to certified reference materials for calibration and testing of Water/Waste-water/Soil testing procedures in Indian Environment. We also provide reagents and solutions as per the standard procedures.

Ready-to-Use Kits

Ready to use Iron/Manganese/Microbiological/Sulfate Reagents are provided using highest purity chemicals, precise weighing, appropriate standard procedures, high purity reagent grade water and expert infrastructure; to get accurate and precise results using laboratory standard techniques.

Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Plant
  • We have been taking products of Envirnotech to distribute among customers which big laboratories. They always have been satisfied with their product and the demand is constantly increasing.
    Akshara Solutions Customer
  • EQR is very sensitive about the quality of products they provide. They are always serious about expiry dates and the storage situations of their products with their dealers too, which keeps EQR products of utmost quality
    Scientific Market Dealer
  • We have been using products of EQR from last 7 years and never had a problem. Their material provide the best calibration measurements and we now trust them over any other provider.
    Water Testing Laboratory Customer